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A rescue simulation on Sadu Valley

Exercitiul de salvare a unor victime ratacite in munte, organizat de prietenii nostri  -  Centrul Chinologic `Aurel Greblea` din Sibiu (Scoala de Dresaj Canin) , a reunit pe langa institutiile consacrate I.S.U. - ...
Aug 04, 2011 | read more

Christmas Humanitarian 2010 The Food Bank

Christmas Humanitarian 2010 This year we started off together with theSibiu Red Cross volunteers to distribute the food collected by the same program The Food Bank. The route passed through the villagesbetween ...
Dec 21, 2010 | read more

Clean around the country. In a single day!

As we promised ourselves, on Saturday, September 25, 2010 we managed to call up some of the club members to attend the cleaning day, part of the national project `Let`s Do It, Romania.` Here is what have we found
Sep 28, 2010 | read more

Let's do it, Romania!

Cu ocazia lansarii la Sibiu a proiectului "let's do it Romania!", Offroad Club Sibiu s-a alaturat acestui scop, atat pentru sustinerea lui cat si la participarea efectiva la operatiunile de identificare si cartare a ...
May 15, 2010 | read more


 Action in partnership with Sibiu Red Cross, part of the National Volunteer Week. The work consisted of collectingthe household waste "forgotten"by the weekend tourists, along the Santa valley and their transport to the ...
Apr 25, 2010 | read more

Actiune Offroad Club Sibiu si Crucea Rosie

Actiune impreuna cu CRUCEA ROSIE SIBIU. Distribuire pachete alimente si plantare flori in comuna Marpod la Centrul de ingrijire pentru persoanele varstnice.
Apr 24, 2010 | read more

The Food Bank 2009

Participation to the partnership already established between Sibiu Offroad Club and Sibiu Red Cross, to distribute the food collected through The Food Bank program. The action aimed to split the food packages donated by ...
Dec 20, 2009 | read more

CORB 44 - Traditions stubbornly to survive

Participation to the humanitarian action - Traditions stubbornly to survive - organized by Bucharest Off Road Club CORB44 , together with several members of Kamikaze and Corb44 Team, a total of 14 people and 8 off-road ...
Dec 18, 2009 | read more

Caravana Urmeaza Voluntarii

Actiune n parteneriat cu Crucea Roşie Sibiu, sub titulatura "Caravana urmează Voluntarii". Proiectul a constat in construirea unui gard imprejmuitor şcolii din satul Colun, com. Porumbacu de Jos, judeţul Sibiu ...
Oct 04, 2009 | read more

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