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About Offroad Club Sibiu

About Offroad Club Sibiu

OFFROAD CLUB SIBIU Association was founded in 2009, when we decided it was time for  a formal framework.

The Club`s main targets are:

OFFROAD CLUB SIBIU Association was founded in 2009, when we decided it was time for a formal framework.

The Club`s main targets are:

-      The promoting of the sport with 4WD vehicles. It supposes to think up some official contests, trainings based on fair play.

-       To create a well structured background in order to facilitate a good communication and an efficient experience exchange among the members of the club.

-     The promoting of the sport off road motoring in order to develop this activity at county, national and international level for the amateurs.

 -      The promoting of those sportsmen who got very good results on national and international competitions.

 -     When necessary to sustain the rights of those who are practicing sport motoring in front of the authority.

 -      The organize vans so as to promote ecological activities, forestations, help and save people and goods from remote areas when the only possibility to reach them is by using these vehicles.

 -      Consultancy concerning the technical problems or the legal regulation of the motoring sport.

 -     To elaborate touristic routes, mountain tracks and the regulation for competitions and vans. 

The specific targets of the Club are:

-      Partnerships with the Romanian Association of  CTIF, the Salvamont in order to reach remote places for helping people living there.  

-       To get protocols with institutions and other associations so as to help them with the access control to protected areas and with the protection of the environment.

 -       Forestation activities with the help of the local forester institutions.

-       Humanitarian activities about gathering and delivering food where there no other kind of transportation is possible (impassable roads on winter time, floods, landfalls).


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